tfnt as a movement

Tech for non-tech
is a lifestyle
Firstly Tech for Non-tech was just a course with a fixed syllabus and number of lessons. Then the number of lessons was increasing, the syllabus was changing and I had a feeling that a lot of things were left uncovered and unclear.

I was thinking about the ideas on how to change the course and the way I'm introducing it to make it more clear for the people.

After some time I started to realize that there are things which aren't possible to cover in just a course. You can't learn English, can't learn cooking or programming in just a course. This kind of things I call not topics that one need to learn, but a lifestyle.

You can't learn and finish English. People are learning it during their whole life. Same with tech language. It's not something finite. Tech for non-tech is a lifestyle.

This website and community are the way to help people to turn tfnt into a lifestyle.

Vrezh Oganisyan